Quotes for managers

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Military quotes for managers

This booklet brings to life more than 400 quotes of world’s greatest all-time generals and warlords for today’s managers. The Military quotes are categorized into topics such as leadership, strategy, marketplace, management, personnel, and finance. And each quotation is accompanied by the name of the general or warlord to whom it is attributed.

Nautical expressions for managers

Since the classic ‘age of sail’, there has been a constant growth in maritime shipping and trading. Furthermore, the love of the sea and the international trading spirit are anchored in many English nautical proverbs which are still in regular use today.
More than 250 proverbs, expressions and sayings with their origin are explained!

Expressions for managers

Shakespeare expressions (6): too much of a good thing

Shakespeare expressions: too much of a good thing in a managerial context Background Too much of a good thing: I'm Rosalind. I'm the daughter of a banished Duke. When my uncle tries to get rid of me, I decide to dress as a dude and go into the Forest of Arden to make...

Shakespeare expressions (5): we have seen better days

Shakespeare expressions: we have seen better days in a managerial context Background When it was first addressed, this term applied to people who had once been affluent but had fallen on hard times. More recently, the term has come to be associated with worn-out...